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Oct and Nov meal plans

November 6th 2010 by Jen in Recipe 1

I love it when other people post great recipes, so here’re are our meal plans for October and November! October Pasta with Red Sauce (Barilla), Salad Burgers and Italian sausage on the grill Chicken Parmesan with pasta, salad Chicken and Bows Hash Brown Chili, corn on the cob Chicken Enchiladas, rice, beans Mimi’s Slumguillon Wild [...]

Thai Chicken

February 19th 2010 by Jen in Recipe 2

The lovely and talented Melissa Anizor sent me this recipe and it was awesome!!!  So I decided to share it with you, our faithful readers.  Dan is especially wary of crockpot recipes for their tendency to produce mushy and ill-cooked meals, but this one was a hit.  And it reheated for leftovers like a dream!!

March Meals

April 1st 2009 by Jen in Recipe 2

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with March Madness. Honestly, I can happily say that I didn’t watch a single basketball game. With me going back to work, I knew I would need to try to do things to make life a little easier, like planning the entire month’s meals at once. I know, [...]

Mmmm. . .pesto

August 22nd 2007 by Jen in Recipe 1

Here’s another recipe that we like, as does Alyssa.? (She requested the recipe so I figured I’d just post it.)? We usually brown 3-4 cubed chicken breasts and toss it in with the pasta. Bow Ties with Pesto, Feta and Cherry Tomatoes?

Mmmm. . .shells

August 20th 2007 by Jen in Recipe 4

This is one of our favorite recipes.? We like Newman’s Own marinara sauce for this.? Dan usually doubles or triples the garlic, adds exponentially more red pepper flakes according to his whim, and always substitutes one pound of italian sausage for the pancetta. Stuffed Shells with Arrabiatta Sauce

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