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I hate diaper rash

April 22nd 2010 by Jen in Randomness 1

Dinah has it. Again. And it’s so bad that she starts crying the moment we mention changing her. When we go anywhere close to the changing table, she starts clinging to us and screaming. Changing her has become an extreme sport, like wrestling a wildebeest. She’s red and raw and bleeding. We took her to [...]

Kohl’s Sale

April 21st 2010 by Jen in Randomness 1

Kohl’s is having a big sale. They have a great selection of baby stuff, with some seriously decent prices.

Corn Tortillas

April 21st 2010 by Jen in Randomness 2

Dan cooked twice two weeks ago: tacos and enchiladas. Both of these recipes were from the Food Network, so we expected greatness. Both of them also called for corn tortillas rather than flour tortillas. So we used the corn tortillas. I’m not a fan. I know some of you, dear friends, always use corn tortillas, [...]

Stomach Virus

April 14th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 2

I almost named this post “Puke. Puke. and then I Puked Some More.” but I thought it might be in bad taste (pun not intended). It was a couple of weeks ago, but Dan and I are still exhausted from it. Right after Dinah’s dinner and bath on that Monday, she was in the living [...]

Girl Scout Cookies

March 27th 2010 by Jen in Randomness 0

Dan and I would eat all five boxes of Tagalongs that I bought from a co-worker in one setting if it wouldn’t 1) make us sick and 2) be absurd gluttony. They’re our favorite cookie ever. When I have freezer space, I freeze as many of the boxes as I can. To keep them from [...]

I Love You Mallomars

March 26th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 0

The Saturday after Valentine’s Day, I woke up to this sweet message on the coffee table: If you’re a “Gilmore Girls” fan, you might notice the parallel to Happy Birthday Mallomars. . . My sweet love took Dinah and to the local sporting goods store while I slept in and got us matching pink Nalgene [...]

Silly Hair

March 25th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 0

So fun.

Museum of Funeral History

March 23rd 2010 by Jen in Randomness 1

It makes Dan and I glad to know that while we lived in Houston, we enjoyed this place. We love the fact that we’ve been to 1/12th of the world’s weirdest museums! Seriously, it’s super-interesting and you might be able to get a “The Cremator” grilling apron like we did for his dad.


March 22nd 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 1

Here are some fun pictures that I snapped while Dan blew bubbles for Dinah. ¬†As you can see, they’re a big hit (she gets really upset when the bubble fun is over!)!

Girly Toes

March 18th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 2

This makes me happy.

Dan and Jen