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February 25th 2010 by Jen in Culture, News, Randomness 0

I read this article on Haiti yesterday (it’s long, 14 of their internet pages, but it’s well-written) by Matt Labash and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s definitely not gospel-centered, but it shows the reality of the situation in brutal honesty. I’m horrified by the situation there and, I think, despairing for those people. [...]

I would totally vote for this guy

February 22nd 2010 by Jen in News, Randomness 0

OK, seriously, I think one of the biggest things wrong with our culture is the lack of common sense, but this guy seems to have some. And a sense of humor that I can appreciate. You have to read the whole thing (it’ll take two minutes), the end had both Dan and I laughing out [...]

Weird News: Episode 3

October 27th 2008 by Jen in News 0

Golf Carts in Low Speed Chase: ‘Nuff said 81-year-old finds love online: What’s really interesting is that the parents of the bride disapproved Buffy Leads Women Away From Churches: This is an older article that I saved a link to because I thought it was interesting Go Outside and Play: This is a really sobering [...]

Who do drugs really hurt?

August 20th 2008 by Jen in News 0

Anyone who ever tells you that drugs only hurt the user should read this tragic article.

Another Example of Bad Marriage Practices in Culture

April 2nd 2008 by Jen in Culture, News 0

I’m not the greatest wife in the world, but even I can see this is totally jacked up.  Here are some interesting excerpts: Can a piece of paper save a marriage? One suburban Boston couple figured it was worth trying so they entered into a legal agreement to manage a major source of tension in [...]

Good To Know

April 2nd 2008 by Jen in News 0

An interesting op-ed came out yesterday (not an April Fool’s Joke, though) regarding the economy and the media.  For those of you who hate Fox News, please try to keep an open mind.  Click here, here, and here for more on this.

Weird News: Episode 1

March 20th 2008 by Jen in News 1

Proposal Gone Awry This is nuts!  I want to know how someone who is this careless with any $12,000 item has $12,000 to spend on something like this.  Also, it’s kind of telling that the woman won’t talk to him until he gets another ring.  Sheesh. Flying Trampoline Ok, this story isn’t actually that weird, but it reminds [...]

Toilets are not Barcaloungers

March 20th 2008 by Jen in News 0

Ok, I saw this article last Wednesday when it came out on and at first I was really amused and dumbstruck.  But then I was completely saddened.  This woman spent two years living on the toilet.  The skin of her behind grew around the seat and they had to remove the toilet seat with [...]

Better than a patch

February 22nd 2008 by Dan in News 1

And Dan thinks I overreact sometimes

The Rights of Religious Institutions

February 14th 2008 by Jen in Culture, News, Theology 0

A female referee was not allowed to officiate a boys’ sporting event at a private Catholic school.  Read the whole thing here.  This is sure to spark a fierce debate and Christians who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible are sure to be demonized.  While this is currently an issue of whether or not [...]

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