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Happy First Birthday, Sophie!

September 2nd 2011 by Jen in Family 1

On July 22, we celebrated the first year of our precious second born, Sophia Grace! Here are some of her accomplishments as of her first birthday: crawling with her belly off the floor saying “mommy,” “daddy,” “Dinah,” “grandma,” and “grandpa” pulling up 7 teeth! whole milk and table food (yay! yay! yay!) 17 lb, 5 [...]

July 2011

September 1st 2011 by Jen in Family 4

July was crazy busy for us! Dan’s great-grandmother passed away at the end of June, so we spent the first Saturday with his family remembering her at the funeral. Then we had tons of fun with some of his family on the 4th. Then Dan and I had our first kid-free vacation since Dinah was [...]

June 2011

August 31st 2011 by Jen in Family 4

OK, in June we took a lot of pictures. Dinah turned 30 months and Sophie 11. Highlights: Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Marge paid us a fun visit We went fishing at Montauk (check out Dinah with her sweet pole) Doing laps around the island in the kitchen (Dinah) with Sophie supervising from the Jumperoo

May 2011

August 18th 2011 by Jen in Family 4

In May, Dinah turned 29 months and Sophie 10 months.  Dan finished his first semester teaching middleschoolers Bible at HCA. Picture highlights: some silly Dinah faces Sophie clapping and being generally mesmerized with her hands a very pensive Sophie look new teeth for Sophie (tops)  

April 2011

August 17th 2011 by Jen in Family 5

OK, in April, Dinah turned 28 months, Sophie 9 months. Highlights: some gorgeous Sophie toofers one sophisticated Dinah driver a dubious Dinah look Dinah counting on her fingers Dinah drinking milk out of her bowl after eating some Cheerios and milk Dinah wearing some of mommy’s high heels (whilst sporting awesome pigtails)

March 2011

August 16th 2011 by Jen in Family 4

Here are some highlights from the March photos: – Dinah turned 27 months, Sophie turned 8 months – Sophie trying out the Tinkerbell chair, much to Dinah’s chagrin – the genesis of Sophie’s fauxhawk – some sweet sister affection – Sophie’s first two teeth (bottoms) – some awesome coloring by Dinah – Sophie’s shoutout to [...]

February 2011

August 15th 2011 by Jen in Family 3

Apparently, I didn’t take a single picture in January.  I think the only thing that we started was Dan teaching Bible at HCA (private Christian middle school here in Hannibal).  Oh, and evidently we put together the bus that Grandma LuAnn and Grandpa Frank generously sent along with the Jumperoo. In February, Dinah turned 26 [...]

Christmas 2010

August 14th 2011 by Jen in Family 0

Here are a couple of Christmas shots including Grandpa Bob attempting to read the Christmas story with a squirmy 2 year old on his lap and Dinah enjoying Aunt Jana playing with a pom-pom on her head.  Good times!

Dinah and Mommy’s shoes

August 13th 2011 by Jen in Family, Randomness 0

Dinah really loves to play in everyone’s shoes, but especially Mommy’s high heels. This was last December, so she’s almost 2 in these shots.

December 2010

August 12th 2011 by Jen in Family 0

Dinah was almost 2. Sophie was 5.5 months. It seems like so long ago!

Dan and Jen