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February 25th 2010 by Jen in Culture, News, Randomness 0

I read this article on Haiti yesterday (it’s long, 14 of their internet pages, but it’s well-written) by Matt Labash and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s definitely not gospel-centered, but it shows the reality of the situation in brutal honesty. I’m horrified by the situation there and, I think, despairing for those people. [...]

One of the most impactful pro-life articles I’ve ever read

January 22nd 2010 by Jen in Culture 0

I beg of you to read this article, especially if you’re pro-choice, for it displays with rawness the realities of the horror of  abortion.  Sometimes we get so weary of the constant bickering between the two camps that we forget what the battle is about.  This reminds me why it’s so vital.

Another Example of Bad Marriage Practices in Culture

April 2nd 2008 by Jen in Culture, News 0

I’m not the greatest wife in the world, but even I can see this is totally jacked up.  Here are some interesting excerpts: Can a piece of paper save a marriage? One suburban Boston couple figured it was worth trying so they entered into a legal agreement to manage a major source of tension in [...]

The Rights of Religious Institutions

February 14th 2008 by Jen in Culture, News, Theology 0

A female referee was not allowed to officiate a boys’ sporting event at a private Catholic school.  Read the whole thing here.  This is sure to spark a fierce debate and Christians who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible are sure to be demonized.  While this is currently an issue of whether or not [...]

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