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Flash is having some problems

August 16th 2011 by Jen in Blogroll 4

Thanks for checking out our blog. I use Picasaweb slideshows to show our pictures which uses Flash and lately it’s been having problems. Usually within a few minutes, it starts working again, so thanks for your patience! It’s working again now (I did absolutely nothing)!

…And we’re back!

August 12th 2011 by Jen in Blogroll, Family, Randomness 0

To blogging, that is. Hopefully. We’ll see. I’d advise you against any breath-holding. It’s been a year since we moved to Hannibal, MO from Kentucky and has brought gobs of changes. We’ve been in our first house for a year, existed as a one-car family as a year, had Sophie for a year (we love [...]

How to get these pictures

March 26th 2009 by Jen in Blogroll 0

OK, in case you want some of the pictures I’ve posted and don’t know how to get them, I’ve created a document with instructions. ¬†Yes, I’m aware that I’m an anal nerd.

Dan and Jen