Since I (Jen) have limited reading time (usually around 10 minutes a day), I am exceedingly picky about what I read. Here are some short book reviews of things I’ve read.  Thanks, Jen!

The Giver (Lois Lowry): Young adult fiction that’s a really quick read and thoroughly thought-provoking. I would not recommend it for young adults because of the weighty issues and I did not love the ending. But I’m really glad I read it!

Mission to the Headhunters (Frank and Marie Drown): A page-turner.  Interesting, encouraging, convicting, helpful.  Well worth the time it takes to read!

My Heart in His Hands (Sharon James): I don’t like missionary biographies, so I was wary of this.  There certainly were slower sections, but this is a great book!  Interesting, gut-wrenching, convicting, inspiring.  You will be better off for reading it (and about God’s clear faithfulness)!

Silas Marner (George Eliot): Historical, so that’s a little hard to get into and understand what’s happening sometimes, but a wonderful story.  I recommend it!  (Amazon right now has it for free on Kindle)

A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens): Really good.  I like historical fiction, so I can handle some of the weird vocabulary and cultural issues.  Well-developed characters.  A beautiful picture of sacrifice and redemption.  Also, really good to get you thinking about economies and politics!  (Also free on Kindle)

Catch-22 (Joseph Heller): So disappointing!  I gave it like 18 chapters and decided that it was not only not worth my precious time, but that it was actually unhelpful.  Sarcastic, unpatriotic, selfish, massively over-sexed, and generally not enjoyable.  I started reading it because it’s on all kinds of “Best Books” lists and I understand that it’s considered a classic, but for the aforementioned reasons, I’m putting it in the “Thumbs Down” category.


Dan and Jen