Happy 2nd Birthday, Dinah!

February 28th 2011 by Jen in Family

We celebrated Dinah’s second birthday back on 12/16!  We had a Tinkerbell party and had a great time!

Here’s what Dinah was like at 2:

  • Dinah’s a major talker.  She’s constantly adding to her vocabulary.  Today, she said “fireplace.”  I’m not kidding.
  • She’s hilarious when she matter-of-factly tries to persuade you of something with her eyebrows raised and her forehead pointed at you.
  • She LOVES Sophie and is constantly bringing her toys, giving her kisses, and tickling her.
  • She loves playing “race cars” with Daddy on the PS3.
  • She loves to color
  • Time to brag: she knows 3 colors, is a whiz with shapes, and the other day counted to 7 unprompted!  We’re so proud of our smart girl!
  • Her hair is now down to her shoulders and she’s such a big girl!

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