I hate diaper rash

April 22nd 2010 by Jen in Randomness

Dinah has it. Again. And it’s so bad that she starts crying the moment we mention changing her. When we go anywhere close to the changing table, she starts clinging to us and screaming. Changing her has become an extreme sport, like wrestling a wildebeest. She’s red and raw and bleeding. We took her to the pediatrician this afternoon, so I’m confident we’re at least on the right track with treatment now. Please pray for her. She’s hurting, doesn’t even want to sit in her high chair, and has trouble sleeping. Poor little girl!

One Response to “I hate diaper rash”

  1. Jill Hamilton Says:

    Bless her sweet little heart! I hate that for you guys! Do you use anything preventatively–like with every diaper change? You could always use Vaseline as a barrier, and maybe it would help. You\’re probably already doing that…

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