Happy 16 months, Dinah!

April 20th 2010 by Jen in Family

Friday was Dinah’s 16-month birthday!  It snuck up on us, again!  What a blessing you are to us, little girl :)

We went to the park to have some fun family outside time.  You loved swinging by yourself in the bucket swing, swinging with daddy in the big swing, and sliding down the slide with daddy.  You loved daddy blowing bubbles and would watch them fly in the wind until they popped.  The wind blew your hair and you thought it was great!  We laid on a blanket and looked at the sky.  You crawled all around and played with mommy’s sunglasses, your water cup, and mommy and daddy’s water bottles.  It was a beautiful and perfect afternoon and we loved sharing it with you (and mommy took TONS of pictures, 29 are below in the slide show — the whole thing can be viewed here)!

  • You’ve taken a few steps here and there, but you only walk when you really want to (like when mommy has food and you want her to share).  You’re entirely content crawling or cruising.
  • You do NOT enjoy having your teeth (you now have 8!) brushed.  You DO, however, like playing with your toothbrush while we put on your lotion and your pajamas.
  • Your favorite foods are green beans, corn, and bananas, but you eat pretty much anything
  • You talk all the time.  Your favorite thing to say is “shoes,” but you have quite a bit that you say.  Sometimes, you get REALLY loud and it makes mommy and daddy laugh.
  • You’ve started having fits a little more when you don’t get your way, which we’re definitely curbing, but you are a VERY good little girl and we feel blessed that you’re ours.
  • You read constantly and we often find you sitting with a pile of books around you.  By this among other things, we know that you’re definitely ours :) .
  • You still love your Baby Einstein videos and will sit, mesmerized, during the entire video.
  • You love to have freedom to roam around our small apartment and will sit and play with the blinds in the kitchen for a long time.  You like to open and close cabinets and thankfully, have not hurt yourself yet.
  • You are hilarious playing on the couch and recliner and love sitting/rocking by yourself like a big girl (with someone always right there to make sure you don’t fall).  You always want to look over the edge to see what treasures lie below.
  • You are a funny, smart, and sweet girl and we think you’re the best!

3 Responses to “Happy 16 months, Dinah!”

  1. Mindy Says:

    What an absolutely adorable child! I love your tribute-ish posts! I’ll try to do a little blogging soon too, so you can see your niece.

  2. Jenn S Says:

    Jen! Love these pics! Dinah is so cute with her mouth full of teeth. Precious pic of the two of you together.

  3. Kelli Says:

    I LOVE these pictures! My goodness, she looks like such a little girl!

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