Stomach Virus

April 14th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness

I almost named this post “Puke. Puke. and then I Puked Some More.” but I thought it might be in bad taste (pun not intended). It was a couple of weeks ago, but Dan and I are still exhausted from it.

Right after Dinah’s dinner and bath on that Monday, she was in the living room and suddenly turned red and puked up all of her dinner. Then Dan picked her up and she puked all over him. And me being pregnant and having the inability to deal with anything that makes me gag meant that I was completely useless. The next morning I was greeted by puked green beans ALL OVER her crib (so apparently she hadn’t puked up all of her dinner the night before).

On Wednesday afternoon at about 4:30 I started feeling really, really not good. Next thing I know I’m hovering over the toilet and my insides are no longer my insides and I’m desperately trying to hold my hair back and yelling for Dan because I’m pretty sure that I’m dying. Thus began the “Jen lays on the couch and tries to stop puking” debacle of 2010. Six hours later as I’m trying to sleep in the recliner without much success, I hear my poor husband puking in the bathroom. Wanting to be supportive, I stumble to the bathroom to see if I can be of help and I get the “I’ve already cleaned up Dinah’s puke and your puke once this week so go away and don’t make any more messes” wave-off. As soon as he stumbles out to the living room to check on me and recount the horrors of his recent experience, I’m like “call your mother, we’re dying!”

The next morning, he calls his mother in St. Louis. But since teleportation isn’t yet a reality (we should spend $2 trillion on that instead), we are tasked with meeting Dinah’s needs until the cavalry arrives. Three things must happen that are suddenly a momentous challenge: 1) one of us has to get Dinah out of the crib without falling down or dropping her 2) her diaper has to be changed and 3) she has to be fed breakfast. Let me tell you, it was ridiculous. I hadn’t kept ANYTHING down since 4:30 the previous day and this only included water and saltines. Dan was very much regretting the pizza he ordered (I told him just to make a sandwich being the tightwad that I am). He could barely get out of bed and I couldn’t stand more than a few seconds without puking. It was a tag team effort. We praised God that there were cartoons on and we trusted that letting her watch TV until Grandma’s flight arrived wouldn’t stunt her growth too badly. Dan somehow managed to drive to the airport (in the “bad car” and with his bucket to boot) where he then handed the keys to his mother before collapsing in the passenger seat.

At home, it was time for Dinah’s lunch and I was still home alone. I managed to get her strapped into her high chair and get her lunch on her tray, then I laid down on the carpet in the hall outside the kitchen. Sitting upright in a chair was just out of the question. I don’t think Dinah has ever heard me say “Dinah, eat your lunch, baby” so many times. Getting her out of her highchair when she was done was apparently a No-No because I felt more puking coming over me. I was able to get her on the other side of the gate before losing it in my bucket. Sick parents freak out their kids. Dan and I had been trying to hide our sickness from her but every time I would stumble from the room, she’d start crying. I’d come back, force a smile onto my face and wipe the tears from my eyes saying reassuringly “Mommy’s OK, she just doesn’t feel good.”

I have to tell you, I’ve never been so thrilled to see my mother-in-law! She took care of everything while Dan and I were worthless. Mostly, she gave Dinah some much needed attention. Grandma quickly became her favorite. Dan recovered much quicker than I and was actually able to load the dishwasher that afternoon. His stomach virus only lasted the typical 24 hours. Mine was more like 48 with debilitating fatigue continuing in the days and weeks after.

Thankfully we didn’t pass it back to Dinah!

2 Responses to “Stomach Virus”

  1. Grandma Lisa Says:

    I will come anytime. I love being with Dinah and both of you (when you are well). So happy Dinah didn’t get it again and also that you didn’t share with me…Love you

  2. Mindy Says:

    Bless your hearts! I’m so glad the cavalry arrived and that you’re feeling better!

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