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Leaky Tide

April 26th 2010 by Jen in Randomness 0

Do not buy liquid detergent whose packaging is smashed/smooshed on the bottom and do not treat liquid detergent as if it were indestructible by banging it around during the transition from shelf to cart, cart to car, and car to laundry room floor (who am I kidding? It sat by the front door for at [...]

I hate diaper rash

April 22nd 2010 by Jen in Randomness 1

Dinah has it. Again. And it’s so bad that she starts crying the moment we mention changing her. When we go anywhere close to the changing table, she starts clinging to us and screaming. Changing her has become an extreme sport, like wrestling a wildebeest. She’s red and raw and bleeding. We took her to [...]

Kohl’s Sale

April 21st 2010 by Jen in Randomness 1

Kohl’s is having a big sale. They have a great selection of baby stuff, with some seriously decent prices.

Corn Tortillas

April 21st 2010 by Jen in Randomness 2

Dan cooked twice two weeks ago: tacos and enchiladas. Both of these recipes were from the Food Network, so we expected greatness. Both of them also called for corn tortillas rather than flour tortillas. So we used the corn tortillas. I’m not a fan. I know some of you, dear friends, always use corn tortillas, [...]

Happy 16 months, Dinah!

April 20th 2010 by Jen in Family 3

Friday was Dinah’s 16-month birthday!  It snuck up on us, again!  What a blessing you are to us, little girl We went to the park to have some fun family outside time.  You loved swinging by yourself in the bucket swing, swinging with daddy in the big swing, and sliding down the slide with daddy. [...]

And she’ll be Sophie

April 15th 2010 by Jen in Family 2

We’ve known for many weeks that Baby Dos was a she. And we knew pretty much from when the Ultrasound Technician said that she was a she what her first name would be. But it wasn’t until about a month ago that Dan and I finally settled on her middle name. Some of you already [...]

Stomach Virus

April 14th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 2

I almost named this post “Puke. Puke. and then I Puked Some More.” but I thought it might be in bad taste (pun not intended). It was a couple of weeks ago, but Dan and I are still exhausted from it. Right after Dinah’s dinner and bath on that Monday, she was in the living [...]

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