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Adventures in Travelling With a Toddler

March 10th 2010 by Jen in Randomness 1

Here’s a few ways you know you’re travelling with a toddler in a compact car, especially at night when she needs to be sleeping: you change lanes in such a way that you strategically avoid the iridescent bumps you take your jacket off with your seat belt on because if you remove your seatbelt while [...]

Dinah’s First Haircut

March 3rd 2010 by Jen in Family 0

On Friday, February 5, Dinah had her first haircut. It was loooong-overdue. It took all of three minutes and Dinah was somewhat bewildered, but calm and easy to deal with the entire time. She got to sit in a pink jeep, watch cartoons, and have mommy and daddy fawn all over her (and take pictures).

An Evening With Sherlock

March 2nd 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 1

Last weekend Dan and I had a wonderful opportunity to get out and have an evening to ourselves. So with Dinah fed, bathed, and all ready for bed, we left her in the capable hands of our dear friends, Josh and Jenn. We hustled our way to watch Sherlock Holmes, a highly entertaining film (Dan [...]

February 2010

March 1st 2010 by Jen in Family 0

As promised, here are some pictures from last month. Most of them are from a fun day where we attempted to restrain Dinah’s crazy long hair with a headband. The others are more “Mommy, I need a haircut!” shots. I’ll post pictures from her haircut in a day or two.

Dan and Jen