February 25th 2010 by Jen in Culture, News, Randomness

I read this article on Haiti yesterday (it’s long, 14 of their internet pages, but it’s well-written) by Matt Labash and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s definitely not gospel-centered, but it shows the reality of the situation in brutal honesty. I’m horrified by the situation there and, I think, despairing for those people. I keep thinking about the difference in my life to so many of theirs and I feel guilty, but so very grateful. I do not want to change places. The idea of that makes my stomach lurch with fear. Here’s what I woke up thinking about:

My child has round cheeks and roly-poly arms.
Their children are starving to death and cry from hunger.

I sleep in a soft bed and nearly perfectly climate-controlled environment.
They sleep in the streets with cinder blocks around them so cars won’t run over them and their children.

We throw much of our leftover food in the trash.
They would eat food out of the trash if there was any food.

I will not complain that my life is hard today.

They have such devastating needs and there are so many of them. They desperately need a stable, helpful government, infrastructure, and commerce. Their immediate needs are food, clean water, medical care, and shelter. Their longer term needs are (paved) roads, sewers, stable structures, etc. And to not have any natural disasters for a while. Their economy is about 60% agriculture, and hopefully regardless of this recent disaster, they can still harvest and export their crops to us (the US buys 70% of their exports). They need engineers to rebuild their city soundly and companies to build manufacturing plants there (they have a labor force 3.5mm strong, but mostly unskilled as the country only has a 53% literacy rate).

But mostly they need the gospel. They need Jesus. They need him because the gospel of Christ isn’t just about eternity or Sunday mornings, it has the power to change daily life. In Christ there is hope; without him, there is none. Especially if you can’t feed your children.

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