First Boo-boo

February 25th 2010 by Jen in Family

So I alluded to Dinah’s first boo-boo in her 14 month birthday post, but here’s what happened.  Our coffee table is kind of the central piece of furniture in our living room and Dinah uses it to cruise around all the time.  She fell, and whacked her mouth against the edge of it (the edges aren’t sharp or anything, it’s Ikea for crying out loud) and cut her gum and lip a little bit.  It bled a little, but mostly just scared her.  She screamed and screamed and cuddled and cuddled.  And she got to suck on a cold wet washcloth and play with a baby boo-boo ice pack.  15 minutes later she was eating Cheerios and drinking milk from a sippy, so it couldn’t have been that bad.  And she got an early tooth out of it.  It was our first time as parents dealing with our bleeding child and I was pretty proud that we handled it (fairly) calmly and didn’t rush to the ER.  Way to go, Team Born!

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