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January 2010

February 27th 2010 by Jen in Family 0

Here are pictures from January of this year.  There’s lots of playing, some new teeth, some new faces, the life of a Cheerio according to Dinah, and the “Mommy, I need a haircut” shots that I took in the weeks previous to her first haircut.  Enjoy!


February 25th 2010 by Jen in Culture, News, Randomness 0

I read this article on Haiti yesterday (it’s long, 14 of their internet pages, but it’s well-written) by Matt Labash and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s definitely not gospel-centered, but it shows the reality of the situation in brutal honesty. I’m horrified by the situation there and, I think, despairing for those people. [...]

First Boo-boo

February 25th 2010 by Jen in Family 0

So I alluded to Dinah’s first boo-boo in her 14 month birthday post, but here’s what happened.  Our coffee table is kind of the central piece of furniture in our living room and Dinah uses it to cruise around all the time.  She fell, and whacked her mouth against the edge of it (the edges [...]

Grilled Cheese

February 24th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 2

Today at lunch, Dinah wolfed down an adult-sized grilled cheese sandwich (that’s 2 slices of bread, 2 slices of cheese, people!), minus the crust. I thought that was pretty impressive!

A Delightful Afternoon

February 24th 2010 by Jen in Randomness 1

Saturday afternoon I had a little bit of quiet time to myself. Our place was mostly clean, Dan was working on a paper (so I couldn’t watch TV), and Dinah was snoozing away in her room (so I couldn’t work on the kitchen). I had about an hour and a half to myself to paint [...]

Preposterous Hugs

February 22nd 2010 by Jen in Randomness 0

This apparently is real. I wish it weren’t. I would, however, like to know how many they’ve actually sold.

I would totally vote for this guy

February 22nd 2010 by Jen in News, Randomness 0

OK, seriously, I think one of the biggest things wrong with our culture is the lack of common sense, but this guy seems to have some. And a sense of humor that I can appreciate. You have to read the whole thing (it’ll take two minutes), the end had both Dan and I laughing out [...]

Death By Shapes

February 20th 2010 by Jen in Randomness 2

Our living room is a veritable minefield of toys.  Yes, Dinah needs to learn to pick up her toys, but at 14 months, we haven’t quite gotten there.  So our entire living room is strewn with toys–big toys, little toys, etc.  And I’ve decided that whoever designed that blue and red Tupperware shape-sorter had an [...]

Thai Chicken

February 19th 2010 by Jen in Recipe 2

The lovely and talented Melissa Anizor sent me this recipe and it was awesome!!!  So I decided to share it with you, our faithful readers.  Dan is especially wary of crockpot recipes for their tendency to produce mushy and ill-cooked meals, but this one was a hit.  And it reheated for leftovers like a dream!!

Toaster Strudel

February 18th 2010 by Jen in Family, Randomness 0

“Dan, your toaster strudel tripped the breaker!” Those were my words last week when Dan was making toaster strudel in the living room.  Apparently, with all of the vitally important things we have plugged in in our living room, the toaster was one too many.  Why on earth were we using our toaster in the [...]

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