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The Basil Holocaust of 2009

July 22nd 2009 by Jen in Randomness 1

Dan earned for himself the title of “World’s Best Husband” today when he volunteered to clean out the refrigerator.  The available space in there has been shrinking over the last 7 months because we’ve both been too busy to do it (and completely dreading it).  He emptied the fridge of expired and moldy food, cleaning the gross drawers [...]

Life Lesson #442457

July 22nd 2009 by Jen in Randomness 0

If while you are out of town, your baby upchucks peaches (and the rest of her breakfast) all over a cute little onesie and you carefully place said onesie in a ziploc bag for the trip home, then forget about it for a week, it will become a disgusting, mold-covered abomination that your husband will [...]

Milton the Mouse

July 22nd 2009 by Jen in Randomness 0

When we arrived home Sunday night from our trip to St. Louis for our neice’s fourth birthday party, we had an interesting surprise.  I was sitting in our recliner, rocking Dinah, when I heard suspicious scratching.  I freaked out and got Dan who was unloading the car.  I figured that I was just hearing things [...]

Like Mother Like Daughter

July 9th 2009 by Dan in Family 5

The other night at swim lessons, I caught Jen and Dinah making the same exact shape with their mouths…

Dan and Jen