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How to get these pictures

March 26th 2009 by Jen in Blogroll 0

OK, in case you want some of the pictures I’ve posted and don’t know how to get them, I’ve created a document with instructions.  Yes, I’m aware that I’m an anal nerd.

Some good duck

March 26th 2009 by Jen in Family 1

Hours ago, after Dinah was fed and significantly less crabby, I got the camera out. I’ve finally learned that the only way to get pictures of her smiling is to talk to her and continually take pictures (without stopping at all). So that’s why there are a ton (I don’t have time to weed through [...]

Recent pics of Dinah

March 26th 2009 by Jen in Family 1

OK, here are some pictures of Dinah that are more recent.  Make sure and pay special attention to the ones of her with a Baby Mohawk.  And please ignore the laundry basket of towels in the background of several of the shots.  The one of her in the bathtub where it looks like I might [...]

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