28 on the 28th!!!

November 28th 2008 by Dan in Uncategorized

A birthday poem I write for my mate
Today she has turned twenty and eight
She deserves more than candles and cakes
And since she’s pregnant raised are the stakes
I must do something that’s romantic
But that isn’t overly dramantic
Me in a costume complete with a saber
If I did that she’d begin labor
Instead I’ll list in this public sphere
Why I’ll love her her twenty-ninth year
For the wife she is and mom she’ll be
and how she helps me find my lost key
For how she care for me when I’m sick
And how she’s like a clock without tick
For how she can’t stand a dirty sink
And how she gets me out of a kink
I love her hair stuck on my pillows
I ever love her now water-filled toes
For her nose that honks like a geezer
And because she’s such a loud sneezer
Since she’ll go to eat at White Castle
And though I joke she’s not a hassle
I love that she drinks sugar with tea
I love that she chose to be with me
These fourteen reasons I enumerate
Doubling that number yields twenty-eight
Infinite reasons I could provide
To show my love for my birthday bride
Twenty-eight she is older she’ll be
No matter how old she’s loved by me

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