But I Like Swiss Cake Rolls

November 24th 2008 by Jen in Randomness

Last weekend, my mom was in town for a baby shower that some sweet friends threw for me, and Saturday night, we hung out, ate gumbo (I loooove Red Beans and Rice), and decided to watch Super Size Me, because she’d never seen it. 

If *you’ve* never seen it, you should.  It’s a great reminder of what’s really going on in our culture in terms of eating habits, obesity, marketing (especially to kids), and fast food.  Dan and I didn’t eat McDonald’s for about a year after seeing it the first time–not because we think it’s evil, we just didn’t want to eat it.  This is an irreverent documentary–it is NOT family friendly.  But it is well-done and very informative.  If you’re a member of Netflix, you can watch it online in their Watch Instantly section for no additional fees (so long as you have a fast enough internet connection–sorry, Mom).

In the special features on the DVD, there’s this video of the food breaking down, you really have to watch this too.  It’s here on YouTube.

I decided to blog on this after watching the movie again and then seeing this article on FoxNews.com about Huntington, WV, the nations unhealthiest city, where 1/2 of the people are obese and the mayor doesn’t think it’s a problem.  As believers in Christ Jesus and His Word which says that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, it’s important that we take good care of ourselves physically, as well as spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc.  That means that food should be to sustain us, not to comfort us, because we rely on Christ as our Comforter and we should exercise to stay healthy (finger poking in own eye, here) because we are stewards of what God has entrusted us with. 

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  1. Danielle Says:

    Yeah! Nice post!! Also…….we are counting down for your little girl to arrive!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

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