Evil Weedwacker

August 7th 2008 by Jen in Randomness

Apparently, a weedwacker can cut through the power cord of an air conditioning unit.

On Tuesday, I came home from work around 11 to work from home because I was feeling crummy.  Dan was home working on school stuff and also feeling kind of crummy.  Around 2 or 3 we started noticing that our apartment was kind of hot.  Oh, well, just must be the afternoon heat.  We notched our AC down a couple of degrees.  Around 5, Dan’s complaining was pretty steady (considering that I have weird temperature issues and am relatively comfortable at 80 degrees and he’s normal, this really doesn’t say anything negative about him).  By now, he’d changed into shorts from jeans and had cranked the AC down a couple MORE degrees.  It was still getting hotter.  So it’s climbing past 80 degrees and we have the AC set at around 70.  Hmmm. . .yeah, we have a problem.  OK, it’s 9 ‘o clock and around 88 degrees.  Dan’s moaning is full-on now, but still amusing to me.  I’m uncomfortable, but mostly just hoping that with the sun going down, it’ll get cool enough for me to actually sleep.  By the way, by this point, Dan’s watching TV in his unmentionables.  I’m in shorts, but to me, it’s just kind of like camping.  Oh, yeah, to prove to me that something is really wrong (as if i hadn’t caught on — the AC is set at 65 now and it’s nearly 90 degrees in our apartment), for the past few hours, Dan has had a meat thermometer sitting on the coffee table and continuously checks it, lamenting our situation, usually exclaiming something like “you’ve got to be kidding me!  it’s over 90 degrees in here!  it’s so hot!” and then writhing about as if in pain.  I love my husband.  He’s so funny when he’s irritated/inconvenienced like this.  OK, so sleep wasn’t great, but wasn’t horrible.  Apparently, while I was sleeping, Dan took to attaching wet bandanas to his noggin and using my spray water bottle to mist himself.  It makes me chuckle.

The next morning we call maintenance.  A guy came around 11 and after about 10 minutes told us the problem and then went and fixed the wires.  It took about 2 hours for our place to get relatively comfortable.  I’m just really thankful that I didn’t have a hormonal upset and get really negative during the AC “break.”  Too bad Dan can’t say the same (chuckle).

3 Responses to “Evil Weedwacker”

  1. melissa anizor Says:

    ha ha. this is hilarious! Uche would be exactly like Dan in this situation. too funny!

  2. Kristi Says:

    Wow, that would be miserable! Jen, you’re amazing for not being completely uncomfortable in that kind of a situation. We’ve let our apartment get up to 80, but that’s where I draw the line. Your description of the experience is hilarious, though!

  3. Trent Says:

    Jen gets eleven points for a great story. Dan gets no points.

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