Grandma Tour 2008

August 6th 2008 by Jen in Uncategorized

We recently had a wonderful opportunity to travel around the midwest visiting relatives that we pretty much never get to see.  Please don’t think from my title that I’m being sarcastic or offensive: quite literally, we saw all but one of our grandmothers and it was a great time!

It all started with Dan’s great-grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration on Saturday the 19th.  We drove to St. Louis on Thursday night, then caravanned with Dan’s parents to teeny-tiny Trenton, MO where both Grandma Sharon and Great-Grandma Keen live.  We got together with all the family that night for dinner to celebrate Grandma Sharon’s upcoming birthday, then had the big celebration for Great-Grandma Keen the next day, complete with family luncheon and public reception.  You’d have to ask Lisa, but I’d say there were over 200 people that came to visit over the course of the day (little gymnast decided mom should have a nap halfway through the celebration). Dan says the average age of those in attendance was somewhere around 72. That night, Grandma Sharon threw a little birthday party for our neice who’s 3rd birthday it was!  Whew! 

We left on Sunday around lunchtime and headed north to central Iowa, where my family has been farming for over 100 years. We lodged at the Hometown Inn in the teeny, teeny-tiny town of Clarion.  Dan and I had wonderful chicken fried steak at The Family Table restaurant in Humboldt, Iowa with the Heftys (yes, that’s my maiden name, stop with the mockery!) on Sunday night, then had 3 days of fantastic visiting and food (and ice cream) with my parents, Grandma Hefty, Grandma Kraft, Uncle Garry and Aunt Sandy, and Aunt Marian.  If you haven’t said to yourself “holy cow, you were busy,” you really have no appreciation for this trip, the people we saw, and the driving we did! 

We left on Thursday morning to head back to St. Louis because there was still one birthday celebration to go!    Our neice had a great time at her third birthday party and even got a big girl present that has a bell on the handle bars! 

We were so glad to be able to go on this trip even though it was entirely exhausting!  We had such a great time seeing everyone again.  Norrin (our car) was able to let his horses run to the tune of 2000 miles and I’m not exaggerating!

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