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Two Great Shows

August 20th 2008 by Jen in Randomness 1

Recently, Dan and I watched two shows that both ran for only one season before getting cancelled.  “Freaks and Geeks” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” are both funny, smart, and thought-provoking, not to mention more well-written than the vast majority of TV drivel out there.  Neither are family-friendly, but they will both make you [...]

Who do drugs really hurt?

August 20th 2008 by Jen in News 0

Anyone who ever tells you that drugs only hurt the user should read this tragic article.

Left-handedness and 120 Tater Tots

August 14th 2008 by Dan in Uncategorized 2

It all started over three years ago not too long after Jen and I had gotten engaged. We were at a friend’s wedding in southern Missouri. Jen and a friend of our’s, Dani Kuntz, were going to get something to eat while Dave (Dani’s husband) and I hung out at the church to get ready [...]

A Story Just For Trent

August 12th 2008 by Dan in Randomness 1

Recently, a person who will remained unnamed (outside of the title of this post, that is) commented on our blog awarding me zero points for a story that Jen had written. As a result of the shame I feel for my lack of contribution and the fact that I am devoid of points, I am [...]

Learning how to read again

August 12th 2008 by Jen in Randomness 3

OK, so I haven’t really read on a regular basis in a *long* while.  This past weekend was the first time when I was actually faced with reading again (sometimes I just don’t feel like knitting–crazy, I know!).  I started reading a book that my wonderful friend Melissa Anizor (manizor to those who know her best [...]

Evil Weedwacker

August 7th 2008 by Jen in Randomness 3

Apparently, a weedwacker can cut through the power cord of an air conditioning unit. On Tuesday, I came home from work around 11 to work from home because I was feeling crummy.  Dan was home working on school stuff and also feeling kind of crummy.  Around 2 or 3 we started noticing that our apartment was kind [...]

Grandma Tour 2008

August 6th 2008 by Jen in Uncategorized 0

We recently had a wonderful opportunity to travel around the midwest visiting relatives that we pretty much never get to see.  Please don’t think from my title that I’m being sarcastic or offensive: quite literally, we saw all but one of our grandmothers and it was a great time! It all started with Dan’s great-grandmother’s [...]

She’s Quite the Little Gymnast

August 5th 2008 by Jen in Uncategorized 5

OK, I’m pretending that today is 7/11 instead of 8/5. That’s right, SHE is quite the little gymnast.  Today at our ultrasound, we learned not only that our baby is a girl, but also that she’s quite active.  She was flipping all around, waving her hands, moving her legs, and poking her little behind out [...]

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