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Not so fresh and not so washed

April 14th 2008 by Jen in Randomness 2

Look at this picture closely.  OK, I don’t know if this is true, or an urban legend, or whatever, but a co-worker forwarded it to me.  And then we discussed the plausibility of such an occurrence.  Was the lettuce not washed or just washed in dirty water?  How fast does a frog grow from the [...]

In case you were wondering

April 3rd 2008 by Jen in Randomness 0

I’ve noticed those equal sign bumper stickers many times before, but today when I saw one during my commute home, I resolved to unearth the mystery.  A quick google search of “equal sign bumper sticker” ended my quest.  It’s the Human Rights Campaign.  I was really excited because I thought that had something to do with [...]

Great Blog Series on Birth Control

April 3rd 2008 by Jen in Uncategorized 0

Our friends Amber and Phyllis are co-authoring this really helpful and biblically-minded blog series on birth control and family planning.  It’s very instructive and I learned several things.  I highly recommend it, regardless of your phase in life. Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven

Weird News: Episode 2

April 2nd 2008 by Jen in Uncategorized 1

This temp job is awesome! – I have to admit, I’d totally be fine with someone paying me to fly around.  The sad thing is, it doesn’t look like it’s meeting its purpose anyway. Packrat doesn’t even begin to cover this – Take a special note of the walking sticks! They’re nine years old for [...]

Another Example of Bad Marriage Practices in Culture

April 2nd 2008 by Jen in Culture, News 0

I’m not the greatest wife in the world, but even I can see this is totally jacked up.  Here are some interesting excerpts: Can a piece of paper save a marriage? One suburban Boston couple figured it was worth trying so they entered into a legal agreement to manage a major source of tension in [...]

The Violence of Flushing

April 2nd 2008 by Jen in Randomness 1

Yes, this post is actually about violently flushing toilets.  We have auto-flushers at work, which I love because then you don’t have to flush the toilet yourself by kicking the stick thing or,  heaven forbid, touching the little handle that hundreds of people touch right after they do their business and before they wash their [...]

Good To Know

April 2nd 2008 by Jen in News 0

An interesting op-ed came out yesterday (not an April Fool’s Joke, though) regarding the economy and the media.  For those of you who hate Fox News, please try to keep an open mind.  Click here, here, and here for more on this.

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