Weird News: Episode 1

March 20th 2008 by Jen in News

Proposal Gone Awry This is nuts!  I want to know how someone who is this careless with any $12,000 item has $12,000 to spend on something like this.  Also, it’s kind of telling that the woman won’t talk to him until he gets another ring.  Sheesh.

Flying Trampoline Ok, this story isn’t actually that weird, but it reminds me of my own experience of a box-spring smashing into my car while I was driving to work one day.  Only by popular demand (leave comments!) will I give details.

Sour Grapes Why do people think they can win these things?  As John Mark would say: RidONculous!

That’s a Bad Marriage This is so messed up.  I guess the alcohol had a lot to do with it, but still.  I’m so grateful that I’m married to a sweet loving husband. 

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  1. Alyssa Says:

    I’d read about the bad proposal one. My first thought while reading: What idiot wouldn’t be holding on VERY TIGHTLY to the baloon. I mean, ‘hello!? balloons are known to fly away…BE CAREFUL!” My next thought after reading was the same as yours: It is very sad that her answer hinges on the presence of a very expensive ring.

    Burning your husband to death is weird…and very sad…for any reason, hers makes it worse.

    Flying trampolines, huh? I want to hear the flying box spring story!

    I remember being amazed that someone eventually won the suit against McD’s for burning themselves because the coffee was too hot. Seriously? It’s coffee, people! I think that helped others think they could win whatever suit they wanted to try.

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