Toilets are not Barcaloungers

March 20th 2008 by Jen in News

Ok, I saw this article last Wednesday when it came out on and at first I was really amused and dumbstruck.  But then I was completely saddened.  This woman spent two years living on the toilet.  The skin of her behind grew around the seat and they had to remove the toilet seat with a pry bar.  Apparently, she just never wanted to come out and her boyfriend, with whom she lived, provided her with food and water.  What kind of fear/anxiety/depression would cause someone to retreat from not only the world outside their domicile, but also the majority of their domicile itself?  I pray that God would bring someone into her life to share the Gospel, that she would hear and accept salvation through Jesus and his sacrifice, and that God would bring healing to this woman’s life so that she may experience abundant life through Jesus instead of imprisoning herself in a cell that provides her only the basest of her needs.  And I pray that my reaction to stories like this would not be amusement, but rather despair at the state of this lost world and a renewed commitment to share the Gospel.

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