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Should Christians address God as “Allah”?

August 23rd 2007 by Jen in Uncategorized 1

There is a retiring Roman Catholic bishop in the Netherlands who is seeking to convince people in Dutch churches to use the name Allah to refer to God in order to ease the tensions between Muslims and Christians. The bishop claims that “God doesn’t mind what he is called. God is above such ‘discussion and [...]

Mmmm. . .pesto

August 22nd 2007 by Jen in Recipe 1

Here’s another recipe that we like, as does Alyssa.? (She requested the recipe so I figured I’d just post it.)? We usually brown 3-4 cubed chicken breasts and toss it in with the pasta. Bow Ties with Pesto, Feta and Cherry Tomatoes?

I don’t think this is what George Washington Carver had in mind…

August 22nd 2007 by Dan in Uncategorized 3

When I originally decided to write this post, I decided on the above title and it turns out that I was right… technically. After Jen and I got married, we started buying two kinds of peanut butter at the store – full fat for Dan and reduced fat for Jen. I resisted switching to reduced [...]

Mmmm. . .shells

August 20th 2007 by Jen in Recipe 4

This is one of our favorite recipes.? We like Newman’s Own marinara sauce for this.? Dan usually doubles or triples the garlic, adds exponentially more red pepper flakes according to his whim, and always substitutes one pound of italian sausage for the pancetta. Stuffed Shells with Arrabiatta Sauce

I Feel Like Amerigo Vespucci

August 19th 2007 by Jen in Uncategorized 4

Like Amerigo Vespucci who explored the Atlantic Ocean and discovered important stuff about South America at the turn of the 16th century, Dan and I too recently committed ourselves to a worthwhile and honorable mission: Coke-flavored ICEEs.? About two weeks ago, I began really craving one of those slushy wonders of delight, so my sweet [...]

Dirty Dishes Beware!

August 19th 2007 by Jen in Uncategorized 4

Last night, I finally finished knitting my first dishcloth at 10:45, much to my kitchen’s chagrin.? Why would I spend multiple hours (~7) knitting a dishcloth when I could just go spend $5 and get a stack of them?? Well, first of all, I like to knit.? I’m really quite nutty about knitting.? Second of [...]

They’re finally here!!!

August 9th 2007 by Dan in Uncategorized 2

For about the past six months my cell phone’s battery has had about 7.5 minutes of talk time. Generally, I would give Jen a call on my lunch break from work as I walked back to our apartment. I would recharge my phone on my lunch because those two minutes Jen and I talked on [...]

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